Boxer vs Doberman – Which Is Better

Boxer vs Doberman

Are you really torn right between these two amazing dogs, whether to choose Boxer or Doberman? I’m going to explain the difference between Boxer vs Doberman. So at the end of this post, you should be able to choose one that suits you best.

I’m going to give you a rundown on the physical differences, temperamental differences, between these two amazing breeds of dogs. Besides physical, I will also explain their physical capabilities and intelligence. In the end, we’ll talk about which breed of dog is best for what type of owner, which is really going to shine a light on this whole subject. Let’s see physical differences between Boxers and Dobermans.


Physical Differences between Boxer vs Doberman

They’re both working dogs and both fairly impressive physically on their own. Let’s talk about the height of these dogs.


  • Dobermans are 26 to 28 inches tall (males), and 24 to 26 inches tall (females) measured at their shoulder level (Withers).
  • Boxer is between 23 to 25 inches (males), and about 21½ – 23½ inches (females)
  • Dobermans are about 2½ – 3 inches taller than boxers.



  • Now, as far as the weight goes, male Dobermans are 75 to 100 pounds and females are coming in between 60 to 90 pounds.
  • The boxers males are 65 – 80 pounds and the females are about 15 pounds less or 50 – 65 pounds.
  • So, the Dobermans are 2½-3 inches taller than boxers and about 10 – 25 pounds heavier.


Boxer Lifespan vs Doberman Lifespan

  • The official Lifespan of both breeds is 10 to 12 years that is pretty similar.


Color of Boxers vs Dobermans

  • The Doberman comes in four official colors, black and rust, red and rust, blue, and fawn and rust. There are nine different Doberman colors.
  • The boxers come in fawn, brindle, and white colors.


Coat Differences of Boxer vs Doberman

  • The Doberman has a short smooth coat that requires a little less grooming than the boxer but sheds a little bit more, requires less brushing and bathing than the boxer.
  • The boxer also has a short smooth coat but requires a little more grooming. They shed less than Dobermans.
  • Shorter coats are less likely to trap dirt and stays cleaner, both breeds are easier to keep clean with minimal effort.


Muscles Differences

Boxers and Dobermans both have lean muscular bodies with an impressively powerful look. They are very similar with broad, and deep chests.


The popularity of Boxer vs Doberman

The Doberman is the 18th most popular dog breed according to AKC breed registrations, whereas the boxers are 14th, both are very close, not a big difference out of 300 Dog Breeds.


 Price of Doberman vs Boxer Dog

  • The price of Doberman Dogs can be ranging from a minimum of $800 – $3500
  • The price range of Boxers is between $500 – $2500


Physical Capabilities of Boxer vs Doberman

Dobermans and Boxers both are incredibly impressive with their abilities.


  • The Dobermans can run up to 35 miles per hour. As of American Kennel Club, 35 MPH is the top recorded speed not average. Now, most of the Doberman owners claim their Dobermans can run up to 40 MPH, and they have GPS and videos of their dogs to prove their claims. But, there is no official data regarding the speed of 40 Miles/hour.
  • The boxer can run up to 30 – 36 miles per hour, just 1 mile/hour faster than Doberman pinschers, according to AKC. There are also multiple different conflicting numbers when it comes to Boxer Dog’s speed, but we will only consider official top speed.



  • Now, in terms of agility, the Doberman breed is very agile that can jump up over a six-foot fence. Now, this is according to the owner’s own descriptions and accounts.
  • As far as the boxer goes I’m going to say possibly a little bit more agile, can also jump over to a six-foot fence. But the only reason I say possibly more agile is they’re similar in construction of the dorm, in terms of lean muscle mass, very muscular dogs. But, they’re slightly more compact and they have fancy feet and paw work they’re known for.


Bite Force

  • The bite strength of these two dogs is another hotly debated number. the Dobies are at 305 psi. There are claims from 228 psi to 600 psi if you search online. But, I’m saying 305 psi because this is the most cited number from many trusted sources.
  • The boxer dog’s bite force is 230 psi. Again, hotly debated but you wouldn’t want to get bitten by either of these dogs.


The temperament of Boxer vs Doberman

Now, this is the most important difference between these two dog breeds. Talking about their temperament is very hard for me also, because there are a lot of similarities between these dogs.

  • The Doberman pinscher is a fearless, confident, friendly, and high-energy Velcro Dog suspicious of strangers. They are playful but stubborn at times but can be switched for playtime easily.


  • The Boxers are calm, cheerful, devoted, brave, and confident dogs. The boxers are playful and fun-loving. They definitely can be serious but they seem to have a playful side over the Dobermans. They are kind of clownish at times which can be endearing, but they do settle down and mature a bit as they get older.

Both breeds are great with kids and good with other dogs. Both are very owner-focused and loyal dogs, that’s probably the most attractive aspect of any dog breed.


Maturity Level of Boxers vs Dobermans  

This is a big difference between the two breeds.

  • Doberman’s reach maturity by the age of two years. Females could actually even reach that a little bit sooner, but this is when they tend to really hit that nice stoic phase. They can still be playful and goofy, especially males. But they are quick to snap back into that calm, serious, and more alert mode which helps make them easier to manage.
  • Boxers, on the other hand, reach maturity a little bit slower, usually by the age of three years. They do have a long puppyhood phase. They are known for being fast to grow but slow to mature. It can be endearing and once they do hit that maturity level, owners say it feels like you have another human in the house because they’re incredibly expressive dogs than the Doberman.


Intelligence & Trainability Differences

They’re both easy to train dogs as far as intelligence goes.

  • Dobies are able to learn new commands in less than five repetitions and obey a known command to 95% of the time, which is incredibly impressive.
  • Boxers have average intelligence but I like to call them real thinkers. They’re 48th out of 138 breeds per Doctor Stanley corn. They’re able to learn new commands in 25 to 40 repetitions and obey a known command 50 percent of the time. As per his research, they’re still are very smart. They are in the same category as Siberian huskies and Australian shepherds, not dumb dogs at all. So, they’re still smart, but it’s hard to beat the Doberman with their intelligence levels.


What Boxers and Dobermans Are Bred For?

  • The Doberman Dog was originally bred to be a personal protection dog for humans.

The boxer was bred to hunt bears, wild boars, and deers. Hunting dogs still have some great qualities that we love, like, trainability. And, they need to be able to react to their owner’s requests.



The big question is, which one of these two breeds should you get? They’re very similar in a lot of ways but there are some incredibly important differences that could determine which owner is right for them. This is a hard question. It’s like asking you which brand of car is best. Everybody has an opinion and it’s very subjective.

  • The Doberman breed is best for you if you want a dog who is naturally protective of you and your family without any additional training. The Doberman breed would be great for you if you want a dog with high energy levels and stay by your side wherever you go. If you want a physically more substantial-looking dog then you might want to consider a Doberman.
  • The boxer might be best for you if you want a loyal, and cheerful dog who’s focused on their owner and accept other people at the same time. Also, if you want a dog that’s a thinker and easily conveys its emotions to its owners. When it comes to conveying those emotions to their owners, the boxer can do a little bit better than the Doberman. Also, if you enjoy that clownish behavior, younger stages, and you really value a good sense of humor in your dog, might also be another reason to consider a boxer.



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