All About Blue Doberman

blue doberman

Blue Doberman Somewhere between eight and fifteen percent, that’s the current estimate for about how many Dobermans in this world are blue Dobermans, not terribly common but they are great-looking dogs. Blue Doberman pinscher Standards: Their hairs are kind of a gray color, in fact, many people do refer to them not just as blue … Read more

Where to Find Quality Doberman Puppies?

doberman puppies

Where to Find Quality Doberman Puppies? A lot of people complain about finding quality Doberman puppies. It’s not hard to find a Doberman puppy if you know where to find it. So In this article, I’m going to let you know the best places for finding quality Doberman pinscher puppies from reputable breeders. And, what … Read more

Mighty & Majestic: European Doberman Pinscher Breed Overview

European Doberman Pinscher Mighty and majestic, Sleek and powerful, fearless and vigilant, the European Dobermans are the world’s finest protection dogs. Doberman is the world’s first dog, bred specifically for personal protection. The Doberman is bred as a personal protection dog, and he feels his job in life is to stick like glue to you, … Read more